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Please let me introduce you to a valuable resource for scales and load cells, technical support, and application knowledge in the weighing industry.


With close to 50 years of experience in the weighing industry and the support of industry leader Rice Lake Weighing Systems, we offer a unique combination of application experience, weighing equipment, and customer service.  Combining this experience and with the over 20,000 products available, we are able to accurately evaluate your needs and provide you with the right weighing solution.

The Owner:

Dan Wengenroth has been in the weighing industry since 1971 serving in every capacity from Scale Technician to President.  One of only a handful in the industry to earn the Certified Weighing Professional accreditation Dan has a unique understanding of how the correct piece of weighing equipment can improve a process, increase accuracy, and add efficiencies.


Consulting Services – Outside evaluations of existing applications or upcoming weighing equipment purchases can provide vital information leading to increased productivity and, often, cost savings.

Technical Support – A quick call for knowledgeable Technical Support or the right Technical Manual can save hours of troubleshooting time.

Training – We all know that education is the key.  Whether it is basic scale component training class for your maintenance department or a refresher course for your production staff on the operation of counting scales, knowledge can often be the solution.

Equipment – Counting Scales, Floor Scales, Lab Balances, Load Cells all are available with the knowledge and support to make your project successful.

System Integration – Taking it a step further by automating a weighing process or documenting a weighing transaction to a network database will minimize the chance error and supply an audit trail.

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